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State of Me
So, I've been feeling really rundown and exhausted lately, which drains my motivation to do much of anything, and what little I have has been channeled into school and jon hunting. I have put in for about 10 Disney interships so cross your fingers for me. I know I've dropped the ball on a few plots but I'm going to try and fix that. Mainly because I went to the doctor yesterday and found out what was wrong. I've been on a medical diet with very restricted calories since February and I've been training for a half marathon, which is on Saturday. Apparently, I've been eating too few calories and exercising too much, stressing my body and making it so I can`t sleep, which just stresses it even more and just makes me exhausted and feel like crap all the time. So now I'm probably going to have to take a break from both the diet and exercise for a while and I hope that means I will get my motivation back for tags! Because clearly, I need to get my health on track so I can RP. My priorities, can you see them?


State of Xander
Xander is Xander. He still amazes me at how much he's grown up over the 5 years I've played him here at TR. His voice is always constant and there. Right now, he's very happily in love with Saffron and that isn't every going to change unless someone drops. He's working at the Catscratch Club at night and on the building crew during the day, as well as taking classes. He also is spending more time with William Mal Doran now that his mother is gone. I really need to get him out amoung his canon mates and making new friends but otherwise, he's a happy camper.

Right now, I don't have much planned for him. There was talk of him pulling a pushing patron off Saffron in an attempt to protect her, but it's just a thought, one, because Saffron could easily kick the person's ass and two, I don't think there is anyone on the island who would be that pushy. He's just really going with the flow at the moment.

As of right now, I really haven't given Halloween much thought. But I'm sure Xander will want to win something for Saffron and then have to hide behind his kick ass girlfirend when teddy attacks. Though there could be so fun opportunites for him to save the day (or try) as if he sees someone getting attacked, he'll charge right in, even if teddy kicks his ass.

I owe Xander four items and I just can never think of something good to give him. Maybe something of Willow's? Something else from his future? I'm very open to suggestions here.

Same with a timeloop. There really is nothing in the first three seasons of Buffy that I think would be good for him to revisit or where he should make a different choice. Perhaps a re-watch is in order, because he hasn't even done homeplot back home so going home would be something different for him.

Xander needs to make more friends. Buffy, Fred and Spike, I always want more tags with you. Sam and Jack, for William play times. Building Crew people. Club Staff, Rachel  and Puck especially!


State of Lex
Oh Lex. His voice is still my strongest always. He`s so loud and so opinionated and I love him. He`s a selfish, arrogant bastard and I love when that gets to come out, especially recently with Flo`s arrival. He is always generating his own plot so I never have to worry about nothing to do with him.

This is the month of arrivals for him. Florence`s arrival really throws a wrench in things, especially since even after Anatoly's reassurances, he still has it in the back of his head that the other shoe is just waiting to drop on his and Anatoly's relationship. This is what Lionel has done to the poor boy. On top of that is Lois, someone from his canon that he doesn't know. He knows his plant manager Gabe Sullivan has a niece named Lois is the daughter of a General, he knows whatever Clark would have told him, he met an animated version on the island who he kinda liked and he knows vaguely about her from all the different media I've canon punctured him with, so this will be interesting. Also, with the influx of new DCs, there will no doubt be more frustration as he has to again reassert that he is not a clone, the evil and crazy part he won't admit to but he won't not admit to either. As well as arrivals, he has a possible new business venture with Trixa.

And then there is the baby plot. I've fallen down on this but it's still something I want to do eventually. I just need to find out if it's possible on the island. Lex and Anatoly want to start family on the island and that includes children. It's important that Lex is the dad because he believes that he's never going to get the chance to have kids. Ideally, they (and we the muns) want Saffron to be the mother but unless she can donate the egg, have it combined with Lex's sperm and inseminated in to someone else to carry, that can't happen. So not only do I have to figure out if that's possible on the island, but I also need to find someone willing to carry it. OR someone else if we can't do that. Anybody who is more familiar with the sciences on the island, can you help me out here? And alternatively, anybody want in on any aspect of this is more then welcome.

And I still want a plot revoloving around Eric, Charles, Clark and Lex. What I don't know but I WANT!

With all the other things going on right now, his involvement in Halloween's plot will no doubt be slim to none. He might try to win something for Anatoly to ease his Luthor pride but that's about it.

I need to talk to Anita but I really want to give him the wrecked Porsche as his next item. I think it would be a good thing for them both, especially in regards to their relationship on the island, and Lex can really admit that he's almost completely given up his obsession with Clark. Almost. I ultimatly think it would end up as a bonfire on the beach. He's owed 1 additional one that I have no ideas for. Another thought I had was his kryptonite ring from Onyx. He's seen enough comics canon that he'll understand the significance and it will throw him for a loop as he's reminded what he does to his best friend. And with Flo on the island, he could eaily slip back again into Anatoly would be safer with her, no matter how much he loves him.

I keep playing with the idea of doing something around Julian's death. As of right now, Lex still thinks he did his little brother, when in reality, it was his mother and Lex took the blame to protect her from Lionel, and thus souring their relationship forever. Lex then had a mental break down and he forgot that he took the blame, instead thinking he actually did it. In canon, Lex gets these memories back when he searches for the memories he lost during the drug induced break down Lionel caused. The only thing about this is I don't know how other pups could fit in to come along. Maybe one day when I need to torment him, I'll do it privately and thread out the after effects with others. It's not something I have to do since Lex always has something going on but I have thought about it.

Anatoly, Saffron and Trixa always. Clark and Lois, plus all the other DC pups, please come torture him. Freddie and Flo for Chess emo. He and Prior need to thread again because I love their friendship. It's been a while since he's had a Bat stalker. Eric for  baby super villain justice. Clark's friends, his students and other Club staff are very welcome.


State of Cassie
Cassie really is a wonder. She's like Lex in that she generates plot with every thread she doesl If you had asked me if I would be playing her almost 4 years down the road, I wouldn't have suspected that she would be one of my LOUDEST pups. She's grown up so much and I just love her.

Sam is probably the best thing that could have happened to her. The sex talk stuff is coming along so nicely and it's so natural and I have Brad to thank for a lot of it. It's something we wanted to do with Chekov but we never could figure out how. I'll admit, I'll be a little sad when my little girl grows up! I haven't even really touched on the revelation of Zeus as her father, though I have an idea for an EP at Hera's statue. And I have another post idea that I've been saving for a rainy day ever since I got Gabby about differing opinions about Amazons that would end in a brawl. DC pups are coming out of the wazoo and I really need to thread her with more of them. And with the reboot going on and her rumored new back story as a theif, that could be fun for her to discover. So much to do for my little Wonder!

At the carnival itself, she'll be trying all the games she can, and then Cassie will never no to being able to kick something's ass, even if they are fluffy little toys. If anybody needs rescuing, she's your girl!

Cassie is owed 4 items I think by now? And she has yet to get one because I can't think of anything. I could give her her lasso from her future but without the power of Ares in it, she wouldn't get it. I could give her something of her mother's or Diana's but I don't like sad Cassie. She was sad for a long time after things fell out with Kon. and I like her happy right now. Maybe later the emo can come back into play later. I wish I could think of a happy item for her.

No ideas. At all. She's like Xander in that I don't think there is any decision she would go back and fix, besides that horrible wig. Maybe a re-read of Young Justice will score something but I'm not worried about her needing it.

Sam, Cissie, Bart and Kon always. All the new DCs. Allll of you. All the island teenagers. I keep meaning to tag her around them more and I fail. I really want her to talk to Claire and Kate and Sam's other BFFs, as well as the Sanctuary pups that he's gotten in with. Savannah. Luke to see if they can have a decent conversation, plus the other Percy Jackson pups and Aphrodite to discover their new sibling. Basically, everyone ever.


State of Gabrielle
Gabby, Gabby, Gabby.. I still look at my pups list and am surprised to see her, even after over a year on the island. She just isn't my usual pup, or atleast I feel. And I thought I'd probably lose her voice after a while but she's still going strong. She's so bright and cheery, even when she's being emo, but it's not the endless happy that made me lose Fiyero's voice.

And she doesn't sit quietly, she's not my most active pup but she has plot. She's come to terms with her feelings for Xena and that, plus the incident at the rave, has made her start to come to terms with her feelings for Rachel. They still need to talk about it but it's been delayed for powers plot and then Flo's arrival.  She's been taking care of Aphrodite, making sure the ex-goddess is eating. There is also everything with Luke and I LOVE their friendship. It's one of my favorite friendships of any of my pups. Powers Plot was a fun one off that I'm going to tag back I promise. She's quite happy with her classes and I really want to get her into more acting and dancing. She doesn't get as much plot as some of my others but I love her stuff all the more almost because of that.

Btw, she often has Xena's chakram with her now, if your pup would take note of a tiny blond with a strange weapon on her belt.

Nothing really though there may be attempts to use the chakram, hand held of course, to destroy toys that attack her and she'll get a chance to show that she does know how to use that little stick she carries around.

Before winter comes, Gabrielle will be getting her next second item. She's going to get an EP chasing Argo, Xena's horse down the beach. Argo is going to be fully saddled so she'll be getting stuff from home, such as some of her scrolls and pieces of Xena's armor. It's going to be a real comfort for her and Argo will give her someone else to take care of on the island, something I think she's been missing and possibly over compentsating with Aphrodite.

So many good Xena moments that could be revisited but I don't think a timeloop would be good for her right now. Seeing Xena at this point would probably upset her too much and I hate it when Gabby's unhappy. She's like a kicked puppy.

Rachel, Aphrodite. Archie, Luke and Luce always. I loved her thread with Santana and I think she should meet Nina and Lily. She and Aragorn were adorable. She loves to go swimming so I think a waterfall post might be in order. Also, anyone who would put up with her questions and perhaps listen to some of her stories. Also, I want to get her involved in acting and the next play perhaps.


State of Jonas
I think of all my pups, Jonas has suffered the most from my lack of motivation. I apped him right before I started this diet that zapped my energy and he never had a chance to really get out there before my motivation started waning. That's not to say his voice isn't strong! It's strong as ever and his tags are very easy for me to write. But he's more then happy to stay in his hut or the rec room and read to his little geeky heart's content. I still have to struggle a bit to find threads for him as he often just gets lost when I have a TON of threads for the big three (Xander, Lex and Cassie) who generate plot with every thread they do. One of my goals for when I feel better is to really get him out and around and in the lab like I wanted too!

Otherwise, he has had things going. Daniel and Vala disapparened which upset him because he was really enjoying getting to know the man he'd replaced on SG-1. He also took over Daniel's classes at the island school and I have a plan for the religion class. When I get back from my hiatus, I'm going to put up a bulletin board post so he can ask for people to come talk to his class about their religions, because while he can academically talk about Earth religions, he has very limited experience in actually seeing them celebrated. People not from Earth will be welcome as well, as he'll use it as an exercise to compare and contrast with Earth religions. I hope to do some actual class posts, like Castle and Steve did, because I'm an Art History major and I find things like this fun. Jonas really plays to my academic side and that's why I love him and want to keep him.

No real plot ideas for Halloween. Love to have them though. Of course, he'll be like a little kid at the canrival, wanting to experience EVERYTHING> He'll probably most likely be the one I EP. him or Trip.

I have thoughts about having him wake up in Nirrti's gene manipulation machine, hooked up the ZPM and turned on. Someone would have to come free him and them he'd spend the next while freaking out about if he was going to develop another brain tumor that could kill him. He'd bug the hell out of the medical staff until it was obvious he was fine. Or the box of nequadria that basically made him a traitor to his own planet. Or something from the home he left, something very Kelownan that I would  have to research so it would make sense as their culture wasn't fleshed out too well. I actually had more ideas then I thought, so now it's just which one to do.

If I ever did a time loop for him, it would be back to the episode that introduced him, when Daniel sacrificed himself to save Jonas' planet from a bomb of their own creation. Of course, it wouldn't be much of a loop as Jonas would do what he should have done the first time and sacrificed himself in the first or second go around, second only if it takes him the first one to realize what's going on.

Sam  and Jack always. His students, especially Alexis. He really wants to questions Aragorn again and anyone from Earth but not traditional Earth. Other aliens. Anyone really. He's very friendly and adorable and smiles all the time.


State of Trip
I deserve some kind of geek badge as with Trip's debut, I will have played a pup from Star Wars, Stargate and Star Trek in this game. I feel accomplished. I'm really excited to be playing him because he doesn't really have any canon mates, which will be different for me. He's very outgoing and pumped full of southern charm so watch out. He's also a wicked smart engineer who likes taking things apart to see how they work. Better hope he never gets near the Iron Man suit. He's also not afraid of getting involoved in other people's buisness so if you need an interfering someone, Trip's your man. He's also my oldest pup age wise and I think it will help in threading with a different group of people them my usual.

As far as plot from the get go, he's coming from just after they defeat the Spherebuilders and the year in the Expanse. After finally gotten revenge for the death of his sister and the attack on Earth, he's going to be a little lost personality wise as his revenge had really been driving him for the better part of a year. And instead of being sent home to Earth like they'd been promised, Enterprise had been thrown back in time again to World War II. So the island is not helping because he had been looking forward to going home and now he's alone without his friends, especially his best friend Jonathen Archer. Trip is not a man who likes to be alone.

Any pretty ladies want to get a cute stuffed animal won for them by this southern charmer? And then them coming to life will be Trip's first exposure to island weirdness so yay for a paniced engineer wondering what the hell kind of island he ended up on.

I have had Trip's first item planned out since before I started his app and I know exactly how I want to do it. At one point, I want him to sleep with someone on the island and be woken up in the morning to Porthos, Captain Archer's pet beagle (and ancestor of the one Scotty lost in the transporter), licking his face. I might wait a while to do it but then I will be looking for someone who likes dogs because Trip will kick them out without their clothes if they are mean to Porthos. Or we can do that too!

So much potential for a time loop with Trip, in or out of the Expanse. And pups who come along would get to see the first Warp vessal buildt by Earth so that could be fun!

Everyone but especially Tony Stark and Nicholas Tesla and other engineers. But seriously. Everyone ever tag his debut when I put it up next week. He'll be a bit stressed and have a gun in his hand but I promise, he's friendly?

With school and the job hunt and all, I think six is  my limit. I went up to eight once and I started loosing voices so I think I'm going to stick to six. I probably shouldn't have apped Trip but I couldn't resist. Maybe if I drop but right now, no one is even close to being on the chopping block. But then, I know Kat is waiting for me to get to Voyager to see if I add another engineer to my roster. I don't know what it is about those Star Trek engineers about they are also my favorites.
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