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I think Glee has finally crossed the line where I can't watch it anymore.

Spoilers Beyond )

The music is good...but it's not that good.

Also? Forget Gaga. KISS ROCKS!

EDIT: Editted to make my point more clear. I think.
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Tonight I bonded with some of my co-workers over beer, jello shots in syringes (in this case lime and vodka), Wii and cornhole. It was much more fun then I thought it would be. Am happy but not happy at having to work tomorrow (this?) morning. Sleep here I come.
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Had fight with mom when she took something I said wrong. Feel like a screw up and really don't need it reaffirmed thanks.

Really don't want to deal with RP drama tonight. Why does it always center around Xander? He's my easiest pup but his canonmates drive me insane. Ugh.

I think I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. Today was going so good too.
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I'm bored so you all get a post. And I don't mean bored as in right now I have nothing to do, I mean just with writing in general.

RP related ramble, explaining what I mean when I say bored )

I want something to get excited about. Something I can't wait to get to my computer to write about. Tags that I have to do from my Blackberry because they can't wait until I get home. I want e-mail logs that are canon or AU that are just fun. I haven't felt that feeling in a while and I want it back goddammit! I just don't even know where to look anymore. And yes, I feel as pathetic as this all sounds thanks.

Help? Please? I'm desperate at this point...
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Bare with me, I'm alittle drunk.

So, the Biggest Loser tonight caused lots of phone calls to mom since the contestants who are my age had alot of breakthroughs that I could relate too. And during one of them, Mom shared a revelation she had.

It's been 19 years since my grandmother, her mother, died. I have been carrying the burden of her death for so long, I couldn't believe it. I was 6 when she died but I always mentally though I was older because of everything I've had to carry since she died. I many issues that started with the death of my Oma that it literally broke my brain.

It's been 8 years since my grandfather, her father, died. I know I was in high school when it happened, but again, it feels like I've been carrying the burden of his death for so long that it still kind feels like it happened yesterday. I'm finally remembering good things about my Apo to counteract all the bad that happened in between when Oma died and he did, and the mental trauma that ensued afterwards. I know it's a sign of my progress that I can remember my grandfather fondly, but it's still hard.

Tonight has been...odd. Thank god I'm drunk or I'm not sure I could have handled it.
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So I said I would have a post again once I heard from UCF.

And I am happy to report that despite my horrible Tech transcript, I GOT IN! Hospitality degree here I come! It's going to be a shit load of work but it's going to be so worth it in the end. And I have a goal. I want to work for the Disney Cruise line. I want to put on a Disney Princess ball in a Russian Palace dammit.

So, the 1/2 marathon from two weeks ago. Mom and I did the Family 5k with a friend of hers the day before and it was so much fun! There were so many lesser known characters on the course, including Tiana and OMG is her dress gorgeous, and we got a lot of awesome pictures. Then we met with a bunch of the friend's running/walking buddies for dinner at the character dinner at The Grand Floridian. We had dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Evil Step-Mother and the Fairy God Mother.

Then the next day we got up at ass crack in the morning for the 1/2 marathon. It was like a whole different world that I can't even describe and it didn't help that I was nervous since it was totally different then the 5k I did the week before. Again there were so many awesome characters along the way, including one station of all Disney heroes with John Smith, Tarzan and Phoebus and another with my girl Pocahontas, I managed to keep with pace up until about mile 8 and then I started to loose steam. To the point that I had to stop at mile 10. I was kinda depressed about it right after but I'm okay with it now. That's 10 miles more then I've ever done before. And in 3 hours even.

My mom on the other hand? At 58 she finished it in 3 hours and 2 minutes. I am so proud of her. She'd going to do the Disneyland 1/2 marathon in September. There's a beautiful medal that you get when you do a race on both coasts and she really wants it. I don't want to do Disneyland, just because while I have a feeling by September I'll be able to finish, the thought of going all the way to CA and not finishing is really depressing, and she didn't want to go alone but my dad offered to go with her. But now her friend is going to do it with her so it works out. I'll try next year but I want her to do as many as she can while she can. My next race is Everest in June and then the Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon in October.

BTW, still looking for a partner for Everest. Anybody interesting in a 5k, (not difficult) obstacle course and scavenger hunt in the Animal Kingdom after dark?

Weight wise things are stuck. Literally. It seems that despite all my training and watching my calories, I can't get below 240 lbs. It's baffling me and my trainer to the point that I have an appointment with my doctor at the end of the month. Ironically, I'm on drugs that are supposed to make me lose weight so the fact that I'm not is very puzzling, especially when I'm doing everything right. I'm gaining so much muscle it's not even funny. I'll sit and just feel my arms in awe. They are getting solid! And machines that I was having trouble with in the beginning are now getting easier to use. The squat machine no longer hurts my back and I don't fall off the ab machine anymore, even though that one still hurts like a mother. Yeah, we'll see what the doctor says but I'm ready to loose weight now thanks.

I think I can officially say I have three cats now. I need to post pics of my new kid. Monty is a very welcome addition to the family and I know mom fell in love with him when she was down here. Herman now has a sidekick, it's kinda scary XD

I think that's it. Besides today which kinda sucked because I was sent home early from work for being sick but OMG is my throat on fire. Hot doesn't work so much, sleep makes it worse and cold works for a little while. Eh, whatever. Will rest and medicate and get better.

OMG it's amazing how much better my mood. It. It was really taking a dive there for a while, where it felt like I couldn't get anything right. But now I have a new start and something new to work towards.


Does yellow and black go with orange and maroon? And better yet, where can I get a Hokie dressed like a Knight...?
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Hi, I'm here. Really.

Post RE: life will come once I here from UCF. I'll have alot to cover.

In other words, I'm drunk again. If you want something, now is the time to ask.

EDIT: [ profile] balefully I miss you. When are you coming down to see me? Bring your girlfriend too! I want to meet her!
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Taking the night off from tags. In fact, going to bed soon. Running a 5k tomorrow and have to get up at 5 in the morning :P But! It should be fun! I hope...
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There are three cats in this house. Monty is locked in the downstairs bathroom, Herman is in 'his' room, aka the laundry room and Lily is up here with me.

Monty belongs to my friend Melissa from school. She brought her newborn baby Gabriel home from the hospital today and Monty didn't agree with this. So I got a frantic text message to see if I could come get him. Of course, I said yes.

All three are usually laid back cats and I left Monty in the carrier in the middle of the kitchen so they could all sniff at each other. Though once the carrier was opened, the boys were hissing at each other. Not evil hissing, just stay away hissing. SO, Monty got set up in the bathroom. I left him there to go watch the last two hours of figure skating with my kids on the couch with me.

After I put Herman to bed, I went to check on Monty. He was perfectly happy when it was just me in the bathroom with him, but, man, when Lily walked in, he hid behind the sink and started hissing at her. Lily didn't give a shit. Thus why Monty is still in the bathroom.

I'm hoping a few days of sniffing each other through the door might help. Herman and Lily are completely non stressed by this though. I love my kids.

Icon is relevant in that Mattie is still my puppy...she just doesn't live with me. I need a kittie icon...
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I said it last year and I will say it again...

God damnit I love this game!
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Also? Word of the day = boobs.
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Ugh. I hate behind sick. I LIKE my weight training but I didn't think going with a temp over 100 was a good idea. That and I promised [ profile] dreamsofstars I wouldn't if my temp was still high. So now I have to make it up Fri-Sun with serious gym time but I can do that.

So...people know that part of my whole weight loss thing is running in The Disney Endurance Series races. Right now, I'm slated to do the ESPN 5k at the end of Feb and the Princess 1/2 marathon the next weekend after that.

There's an Animal Kingdom obstacle course/5k in June that I really want to do. It sounds like so much fun:

Expedition Everest™ Challenge, a race adventure with bite, is coming June 12, 2010 to Disney's Endurance Series. Just after sunset, teams of two take on the exotic terrain of Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park in a fun, competitive 5K run, obstacles and scavenger hunt. The reward for completing the challenge is an exclusive after-hours party at Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. If you have what it takes to conquer this challenge, then find a teammate and join the trek! The challenge and the party will double your fun! If no one will brave this adventure with you, then sign up for the solo trek.

I'd really love to do it with a partner and my usual partner (my mother) is going to be in Norway. I think. I can't keep up with her anymore XD I don't know what the registration fee is yet (the 1/2 marathon is $120 and I bet it will be less), but you'll have a free place to stay and theirs always discount airfare to Orlando! Plus, I can get FL resident tickets for Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter should be open by then at Universal.

So yes...anybody want to come play in the Animal Kingdom after dark with me? Btw, a 5k is only 3.2 miles! That's not bad, really!
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If you wanted to know something, this is the time to ask it. I'm painfully honest when I'm this drunk. Personally, RP-wise...anything. Just ask before I decide bed is better then being awake.

And I ask when the one person that matters went to bed. Oops?
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So...job hunting sucks. I'm not going into anymore detail.


Yesterday, my parents offered out of the blue to let me go back to school. They recognize the fact that the market sucks and going back to school has been said to be the best thing to do for my age group. As much as I hated college (the work, not my school obviously), I'm seriously considering it. University of Central Florida has Hospitality and Tourism degrees, which I think I'd be good at. And, since I have most of the Gen Ed stuff out of the way from my first degree, it should only take me 3-4 semesters, 1.5-2 years tops. And they are offering to pay for it, plus of course living in my house rent free (it was an investment for them, they tell me not to feel guilty but I do), as long as I have a part-time job to pay my own expenses.

It's an...amazing deal and opportunity. But I'm still thinking about it of course. It's a big decision.

The UCF mascot is the Knights. If I do go, I want an icon of a Hokie dressed as a Knight XD
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This year has been a year.

I was hoping to be more ahead in my life then I am right now. Granted, I have job, which is much improved on last year, even if I hate it. I'm 30 pounds lighter, which is also something, but not exactly where I wanted to be.


I have two wonderful cats who I thank god for everyday. Herman and Lily keep me sane and I love them more then life itself sometimes. Seriously, there are some days that they are the reason I get up, because they need someone to take care of them. They deserve someone to take care of them. I have amazing parents who are being more then cooperative while I try and find myself and what I want out of life. Seriously, I know I'm an only child and they spoil me, but right now, I can't be more thankful. I need this space to figure things out and it's amazing and I'm lucky to get it. I'm starting with a personal trainer to take my weight lose more seriously and to get healthy in 2010. I'm slowly putting in applications to Marriot and Sea World and not letting Disney's rejection get me down. They want experience, I'll get them experience. And I have the most amazing friends anyone could ask for. [ profile] dreamsofstars I love you so and don't know what I'd do without you. And I'm so glad I finally have Denise's correct number and that Melissa is staying in the area. There are even some people are work who I think could be friend material. I might not be so alone in Florida anymore.

Overall? I'm not exactly happy with 2009, but I think it's leading to a better 2010. As my dad said, everyone goes through a hard point in their life. This is mine and when I get through it, I'll be better for it.

Also? I'm watching the Chik-fil-a bowl and just reminded how fucking proud I am to be a Hokie. It's a source of my strength and I'm not afraid to admit that. I love my school and the community it breeds.

Happy New Years everyone and I hope you all have a great 2010.
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Someone give [ profile] tofindmelookup a home before he drives me crazy. Why is this bugging me so much? Itch needs to be scratched dammit, and figures its a Super itch.
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Last year on the eve of my 23rd birthday, I had a major anxiety attack. I'd just moved to a new state, couldn't find a job for shit, I was all alone and was just in general panicking.

On the eve of my 24th birthday, I'm still not exactly happy with my life (I had the anxiety attack at home over Thanksgiving >_>) but I have a new skill, I ran a 10k, I lost 30 pounds, I'm training for a half marathon, I have a sucky job but a job and I have leads towards where I want to go in Disney. It's something. And really, a lot of the reason I'm not doing better is the economy which isn't my fault. Everyone is struggling, not just me.

I got a birthday package from my mom today. I had had a horrible day at work so she made me open it. They were two silver bracelets. I'm wearing one and I don't think I'm going to take it off anytime soon. It says:
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change COURAGE to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

I need to control the things I can (weight, marathon training) and not worry about the things I can't (jobs, economy, people). It's not easy but it's something.

Happy 24th me. May you be lighter and happier by 25.
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Today was a perfect family day. My family was all happy to see me and even celebrated my birthday (that never happens). There was good food and good times and no drama. It was perfect.

My dog missed me. That helped a lot to see yesterday.

And I applied for a job at Disney today. Cross your fingers for me because I really need it.

I'm so glad I came home.
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I'm so annoyed with people today. Specific people too. It an annoying nagging feeling.

Basically,? I just wanted to say people suck. That's about where I am at the moment.

EDIT: Moms are amazing things. Especially mine. She helped calm me down and make me see what was going on. I don't take change well. I know that. And since I know big change is coming, my fuse is short, so things that usually I could brush off are majorly effecting me. Ugh. Not making change any easier.

But one person is being selfish and emotionally cruel and I would be annoyed no matter what. So I am still annoyed but not as much as I was at lunch. Yes, this makes sense, hush.


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