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State of the Pups

Oh look, it's that time of the month again. I promise for a real update on life things in little bit, I just have a lot going on right now and I want to see how it all shakes out before I put it to paper, so to speak. January was a fuller month then I expected life wise which sadly led to less tagging and plotting then I would like but things should fall into place here soon.

But in summary, my life is purely school at the moment. I added an extra credit so looking for a job has been put off for one more semester. So that means time for tags which is good because somehow...I had an unexpected pup join the ranks. Granted, near the end of the semester I may be bogged down in all the projects Events majors are required to do but that's besides the point! Some bits of this may look familiar as I'm just editting where I need too since a lot of my plans haven't changed in a month.


Xander Harris
Basically, Saffron's injuries are going to be consuming Xander's attention for the next little bit. He'll be by her side when he's not needed else where so I have a feeling he may be quiet next month.

NDPD: Received a nice set of art supplies and architectural drawing tools. I hope to do an EP of him out drawing more of the buildings of the island, plus designing a few of his own to maybe build.
Item: I owe him so many items but I can never think of things for him. Maybe something that was clearly Willow's or Cordelia's? Or Bug Lady's head...>_> Would love ideas! 
Homeplot: I believe he's going with Saffron home to the Firefly!verse for one of them. That should be terrifying fun for him XD I don't know if anybody wants to do Sunnydale but I'm open to it.
People: Saffron, Spike, Jack, Claudia, anyone who works at the club, anyone really. He's a very friendly guy!

Lex Luthor
So, January was busy and Lex is going to be dealing with it for a while, mostly Clark's debut and proving the nothing will change with Kon. Then there's the Space Station and his guilt for Saffron getting so injured while helping him. AND THEN Anatoly is getting majorly canon punctured and Lex is going to kick Freddie's ass both for that and for when he finds out about Fight Club that happened while he was on the space station. Lex is going to be emotional and that's never a good thing because that's when he doesn't try as hard to be a good boy...Considering he's picked up more classes, this should be fun!

Long term, I do want to do a timeloop for him, I just don't know for what, and I need to think more on my plot for him to be framed for something. Any help, especially for a temp pup, is greatly appreciated.

NDPD: A crate of high quality bourbon and vodka. It's going to be consumed rather fast in the next few months
Item: I think I'm going to be asking the mods for the crushed Porsche. I just need to find a good time to do it.
Homeplot: One plan is to send him to Moscow with Anatoly to see his family, with Lex acting as his KGB handler. Seeing Anatoly as a father with his small children is going to really mess with Lex, since he has major father issues thanks to Lionel. And Smallville homeplot is being worked out but I think Lex is going to be waking up in his castle far in the future, while everyone else is waking up at the Kent Farm. He may need saving XD Of course this means I have until March to watch the last 4 seasons of Smallville too so we'll see how that goes
People: Anatoly, Saffron, Uhura, Prior, Freddie, Kon, other teachers and people in his class, small children



Cassie Sandsmark
So...I went from wanting to drop her to having more to do with her then I thought! Tim and Zuko have been LIFESAVERS. She needed a new friend outside her circle and she needed her co-leader back, since Tim and Cassie have a bond that's about very unique understanding and I didn't realize how much she needed it until she got it back. She's back to stay, I'm just hoping I can get her to a happier place, since her anger is still a hard thing to write around.

I do still want her discovering Zeus is her father but I have no idea how to do it without her reading the comics. This will happen, but I think I need to dig out some comics to figure out a better way. Another plot I have in mind for her involves fighting with Gabrielle over their differing versions of Amazons. Poor Cissie is going to have to stop Cassie from beating Gabby to a pulp >_>

NDPD: She got a punching bag that she's already gotten a fair amount of use out of. She may let people share. Maybe.
Item: I keep thinking I should finally give her an item, but I can never think of anything good :/ Her future lasso she would just think was Diana's without it's lightening. Maybe her Amazon chicken armor?
Homeplot: Unless someone wants her to come along with them, I don't think she's going to be doing any. Are any DC people making plans?
People: Cissie, Tim, Zuko, Anatoly, McCoy, Alexis, Bart, Kon. Other teenagers, she needs more friends.

Oh Gabrielle. She's another that just seems to find her own plot. I could easily do an EP a month for her with all the stuff on the island that confuses and fascinates her. She's SO much fun!

She's facing her inabilities to read and write English by taking classes at the school. She's ridiculously excited about this especially so she can take the history and literature classes at a later date. I'd like for her to have a break down of really missing Xena at some point. I'd also like for her to interact with children, since she had to kill her own daughter (twice), and married couples, since her husband was murdered after they'd been married less then a week. Also, there may be some shenanigans with Aphrodite trying to pair her up with people, which will ultimately have Gabrielle realize that she's not as straight as she thought. Also, see Cassie's above about an Amazon rumble that Gabby is going to lose.

NDPD:  This year, Gabby got a few scrolls and nice leather journals, plus quill tips and very nice ink to last her for a while. This will be a nice contrast to the computer she'll get next year.
Item:  I think one of her next EPs will be her finding Xena's chakram stuck in a tree and her needing help to get it out. This will no doubt bring about the Xena related breakdown she needs.
Homeplot: I really want her to go with someone from the future so they can show her around a city. She'll wants to know everything. Also, I'm very open for people to come home with her to meet her girlfriend Xena and Joxer.
People: Rachel, Aphrodite, Falco, Luce, Alistair, Archie, Bush, Zelda, Yigritte, Luke, Percy, all the other Percy Jackson pups

Jonas Quinn
So....this was unexpected. I really intended on apping Aang but once I finished Season 6 of Stargate SG-1, Jonas wouldn't let go. So instead of the planned air monk, I now have an unplanned alien. Who I'm SUPER excited for. He's very much like a male Gabby but instead of the time issue, he's from another planet and despite his year with the SGC, is still curious abut everything to do with Earth. Plus, once he's more healed from his injuries, he's going to want to be super involved with everything and I've never really had a pup like that. He's going to want to join the kitchen crew (he loves Earth food) and eventually, I think the Council might be a good fit for him as a former diplomat.

His debut got a little rushed because I wanted to get it kinda of in before the space station plot so it wouldn't interfere with the other Stargate pups involvement and I wouldn't be in danger of getting him in within two weeks. He would have wanted to help, but I'm going to assume someone told him to stay put and rest instead. He will be getting a public EP next week and I encourage EVERYONE to tag him!

I also need to get him a paid account and more icons. I don't like the initial ones I picked and Corin is too adorable not to have good icons.

NDPD:  Since he arrived just under the wire, Jonas found a fish tank waiting from him in his hut in New Atlantis. I still have to figure out what kind of fish they are but his EP will probably be him re-reading the stacks of books about them that were next to the tank.
Item:  The box of naquadria that he stole when he first defected to the SGC is one I had in mind and another is Nirrti's gene splicing device, wherein he'll find himself in it and someone will have to shut it off, leading him to worry about brain tumors  and visions for the next few months.
Homeplot: I really haven't even given any thought for homeplot for him, but I'm welcome to ideas! 
People: Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson as soon as possible please! And of course all the other Stargate pups. I know Alexis and Coraline are wants from muns but really, EVERYONE! Tag the adorable alien! 

Aang (P1)
So the line jumper got line jumped. Jonas was a complete unexpected whim but I do intend to bring Aang in P2. I haven't really started on his app, I'm really looking forward to bringing him. I know I want to bring him just before he faces the Fire Lord at the end so he won't know if he kills him or not. So while he wants to live up to his dream of having fun like a normal 12/13 year old, he's going to realize he misses being the Avatar and being able to help people with his bending. That and we already have plot involving Azula, who is being apped at the same time. Who can go wrong with already made plot?

Also, because he's a minor, Zuko is going to have to be his guardian. How awesome is that?!  And Coraline will have partner in crime when it comes to adults being dumb.  

I do think I'm going to stop after 6, especially getting a job is going to be the most important thing in my future. but I'm keeping my que since life has taught me that things never go as planned. Gracie is still in my que and I think I want a Disney pup after that. Though I was thinking of a princess, like Tiana or Giselle, I thought Tron might be fun...You know, from the end of Tron: Legacy? Mmm young Bruce Boxleitner. And if I ever finish Babylon 5, John Sheridan will be on this list. Very high on it in fact...
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