Nov. 24th, 2010

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So, I'm sitting at the airport with over an hour to my flight because my parents were freaking out about parking and TSA and all that. I wasn't worried because if any airport is good at dealing with crowds, it's Orlando but I humored them.

Parking was fine, parked in the same lot I always do. Got to the airport and the line for TSA wasn't long at all. Checked in with my boarding pass on my phone, which was kinda cool.

TSA really wasn't bad. They weren't doing the full body scan/pat down for everyone. Though, I can't say much for the pulling process. While I was in line, they pulled me and the two white middle age men behind me to go to the fast lane. The black girl in front of us? Got pulled for the scan. She opted for a pat down but I didn't see how it went as the female TSA person hadn't gotten there yet. So I have nothing to report there.

And that's it. I have Wendy's and I'm trying to get Netflix or Hulu to load so I can watch something while I eat. In 4 hours, I should be home in VA for the first time in a year. Wow.

Also, anybody in VA doing anything on Friday? I'll be home with a free day and I want to see people!


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